Parenting War: A reality TV show that helps make parenthood not a battle

by Hồng Quân24 September 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - The new program Parenting War will feature the participation of famous guests, whose common point is that they have lived the battle of rearing children like many other Vietnamese families.

Parents love and want the best for their children. All have the unwavering belief that what they do is the right thing for the child, but the method is not necessarily the right one.

So how to make parenting not become a battle? Parenting War will help you achieve that. The show will premiere on September 26 on VTV3.

As an engaging, dramatic, lively and novel reality show on the topic of rearing children, The Parenting War has a mission to convey and share knowledge about parenting in an intelligent and current way.

With the message "Because parents love their children," Parenting War determines that trust is always the most enduring family bond. If the family is placed in the most important position in each person's life, trust will help family members love each other more and more, and vice versa, if family love is strengthened, trust will also increase, proportionally to that love.

Trust and love will be the medicine that will help strong families overcome all the challenges in the show and in life.

The program "Parenting War" involves invited families who are famous young couple rearing children from newborn to 15 years old, such as the family of singers Quang Minh (Oplus), Viet Thanh (Big Toe) - Quynh Trang (master sports dance), beauty blogger Trinh Pham, singer Bao Tram, among others.

Families will directly experience the challenge of childcare and learn the skills of parents to solve situations millions of Vietnamese families are facing in raising children.

Criteria for choosing the guest family, in addition to the popularity of the father or mother, are their story that should be interesting.

A special feature of Parenting War is the challenge for families participating in the program, posted by the team after having worked closely with psychologists and families to identify the core problem that is happening to each child. These challenges are not created for families to win over or to lose, to criticize each other or find mistakes, but the main purpose is for each member to understand each other better, listen to each other better and find the most appropriate way to overcome.

Parenting War is expected to air every Sunday at 8:00 a.m., starting September 26, 2021 on VTV3.


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