Pandemic prevention measures tightened for upcoming holidays

by NDO29 April 2021 Last updated at 16:35 PM

Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport has tightened COVID-19 prevention measures for the upcoming holidays. (Photo: NIA)
Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport has tightened COVID-19 prevention measures for the upcoming holidays. (Photo: NIA)

VTV.vn - Amidst the complicated developments of COVID-19 in neighbouring countries, Noi Bai International Airport said it has put in place a series of measures to tighten the pandemic prevention work and ensure the safety of employees and passengers.

During the upcoming April 30-May 1 holidays, the volume of flights and passengers to be served by the NIA are predicted to reach a record high, with 78,000-80,000 passengers and more than 500 flights per day, an increase of 30% compared to normal days and up 40% over the same period in 2019.

To ensure effective COVID-19 prevention and control, the NIA has sent a document asking agencies, units and businesses to regularly remind airlines and ground service units to take more drastic pandemic prevention measures.

Accordingly, airlines and ground service units are being requested to inspect and remind their employees to strictly implement the Health Ministry’s 5K message: Khau trang (facemask) – Khu khuan (disinfection) – Khoang cach (distance) – Khong tu tap (no gathering) – Khai bao y te (health declaration), as well as making the wearing of facemasks mandatory for all passengers and workers and asking them to avoid unnecessary mass gatherings.

The NIA has arranged antiseptic solution at the doors and passengers’ movement flows, while requesting airlines and units providing non-aviation services to place hand sanitizer at check-in counters, aircraft exit doors, stalls and pavilions.

The NIA has also arranged security forces to supervise, inspect and remind passengers to wear facemasks in all areas, disinfect their hands, and comply with the 5K recommendations. Notably, it has completed the installation of four more security scanners in Zone C, increasing the total to 22, thus meeting the work during the peak period.

* The Hanoi Department of Education and Training recently issued a document on strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control in schools, requesting units and schools to develop plans for online teaching when necessary, maintain and regularly inspect the implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures, restrict mass gatherings, and only organise activities if anti-COVID-19 conditions are met.

Units and schools were asked to prepare facilities, human resources, medical equipment, and consumable supplies to stand ready for pandemic prevention and control when required, as well as telling officials, teachers, students and employees to make medical declarations using QR codes and working closely with local health establishments to effectively carry out safety measures.

* On April 29, the Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade issued an official dispatch on strengthening the implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures at trade centres, supermarkets, markets and convenience stores across the city, especially during the upcoming holidays.

Accordingly, the department requested customers, household businesses, managers and employees to wear facemasks and wash their hands with antiseptic solution before entering the aforementioned places, as well as to keep people at a safe distance from each other. In addition, guard forces have been told to strengthen inspection and remind customers to follow the 5K message.

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