Ninh Thuan seeks ways to develop tourism

by VNA09 September 2018 Last updated at 09:05 AM

Grape products are displayed at the Ninh Thuan Tourism Promotion 2018 conference, held on September 7 in HCM City. (Photo: VNA)
Grape products are displayed at the Ninh Thuan Tourism Promotion 2018 conference, held on September 7 in HCM City. (Photo: VNA) - Strategies to promote tourism in Ninh Thuan province, including more incentive for investment to make it a friendlier and more exciting place to visit, were discussed at Ninh Thuan Tourism Promotion 2018 conference held in Ho Chi Minh City.

More than 350 representatives including tourism companies and investors attended the event.

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Luu Xuan Vinh said the province would promote its cultural values, famous landscapes and typical tourism products, and create a platform for tourism authorities and travel agents to meet investors.

“Ninh Thuan has favourable conditions to develop tourism, which have shown over the past five years,” he said, noting that tourism revenue as well as the number of tourists has both increased, particularly during weekends and holidays.

The province will continue to create a favourable investment environment such special land rental prices, preferential taxes and streamlined investment procedures, he said.

Last year, the number of visitors to the province reached 1.7 million, a rise of about 12 percent. Tourism revenue rose 17.7 percent in comparison with 2016’s figure.

At the conference, the province announced that the Grape and Wine Festival 2018 will take place on October 5-10 in Phan Rang–Thap Cham City in the province.

Grape is a specialty of the province, with a yearly output of between 60,000 and 65,000 tonnes.

The festival aims to promote the local landscapes and people, and introduce local specialties to Vietnamese and foreign tourists, while offering grape farmers, businesses and consumers opportunities to meet and seek partners.

The main activities of the festival will include a fair, conference, tourism promotion, and the Kate festival.

Ninh Thuan province has a 105km coastline with many pristine and serene beaches, including Binh Tien, Ninh Chu and Ca Na.

Its Vinh Hy Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the country, and the Nui Chua National Park is home to 1,500 plant species, 160 bird species and 60 species of mammals.

The province, the driest and hottest region in the country, is well known for its white sandy beaches and vast gardens of grapes, onions and hot peppers.


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