Ninh Binh farmers help boost tourism

by Hung Nguyen19 May 2017 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - One year after coming out as the indigenous people in the movie Kong: Skull Island, local residents in Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province have continued their roles, not in movies but in the tourism services of Trang An.

They've been contributing to enlivening the film set, which opened recently in the province. Let's meet some of them and hear their interesting stories.

Whether it's sunny or rainy, hot or cold, the farmers always come to the film set early for make up and to prepare for a day of entertaining tourists. They take pictures with tourists and reenact their film scenes, bringing excitement to visitors.

Hoang Trung Luong, Hanoi tourist said: They did very well in the movie. Now they're continuing their work in tourism.

This new job has not only helped these farmers earn extra income but it has also helped them show their pride for their homeland.

"Though doing this job is hard, I feel very lucky as I have the chance to promote tourism in my homeland", Dinh Thi Lat, famer in Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province said.

The aboriginal village has been restored to the one seen in the blockbuster movie. With 36 rattan tents and 50 enthusiastic aborigines, the film's atmosphere has been recreated for tourists. This is a new spin on tourism in Trang An.

Duong Hanh Dzung, Tourist, Ho Chi Minh City said: When I came here, I was so surprised. Everything looked like what I saw in the movie, like the village head, all the aborigines, the tents, and the surrounding landscape. It was wonderful to see them all in person.

Hoang Phuong Ha, Communication division, Trang An Trade Investment Company said: Having acted in the movie Kong: Skull Island, the farmers know how to entertain tourists effectively. Thanks to their contributions, the number of tourists coming to Ninh Binh has increased by 35%.

Some people used to feel shy when they were in front of a crowd, while some have had to split their time between working here and in the field. But no one has the thought of giving up their roles as aboriginal people on the film set. Perhaps they all understand that what they are doing now will contribute greatly to the development of tourism in their homeland.

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