Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan re-elected as National Assembly chair

by VTV422 July 2016 Last updated at 14:34 PM

Chairwoman of the 14th NA Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan takes an oath of office on the morning of July 22. (NDO)
Chairwoman of the 14th NA Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan takes an oath of office on the morning of July 22. (NDO) - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, chairwoman of the 13th legislature, has been re-elected as chair of the 14th National Assembly after the voting results were announced by the vote-counting committee on the morning of July 22.

Ngan won ‘yes’ votes from 483 out of 489 NA deputies, equivalent to 99.77% of votes. Earlier on the second day of the 14th legislature’s first session, July 21, she had also been nominated by 97.17% of deputies to stay in office in the new parliament.

After the NA approved a Resolution on the election results, Chairwoman Ngan took an oath of office in which she pledged absolute allegiance to the motherland, people and constitution of Vietnam and utmost efforts to well-perform the tasks entrusted by the Party, State and people.

In her inaugural address later, the top legislator thanked NA deputies for their confidence. As the leader of the country’s most powerful state agency and the people’s highest representative body, Chairwoman Ngan promised to work with members of the NA Standing Committee and NA deputies to promote the 70-year glorious tradition of the NA, effectively implement constitutional and legislative functions, make decisions on the country’s key issues and conduct supreme surveillance over the state apparatus’s operations in line with the Constitution and the law.

She also pledged continuous renovations to enhance the operational quality of the NA so that it would be a united and creative body operating for the benefit of the people, for the honour and pride of the nation and for the country’s sustainable development.

According to the voting results, the four vice chairpersons of the 13th legislature will remain in office in the 14th NA, with Phung Quoc Hien receiving 97.17% of votes, Uong Chu Luu with 96.76%, Tong Thi Phong winning 97.57% and Do Ba Ty with 97.98%.

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