Music Path closes in 2021 with meritorious artist Dang Duong

by Hồng Quân23 December 2021 Last updated at 14:00 PM - Meritorious Artist Dang Duong is the protagonist of December's Music Path program, the last of 2021.

According to the production team, Meritorious Artist Dang Duong was chosen to appear at the moment between the old year and the new year of Music Path. He will complete the mission of spreading the faith for a good and bright new year with music which suits him well, a person who always holds in his heart the desire to spread the fire of revolutionary music to generations of audiences.

In Music Path, Dang Duong will perform 12 songs, which have been carefully selected to represent his musical journey from the early days of his career until now.

Those were the first songs that brought Dang Duong to the audience and helped him win first prize in the 1995 Hanoi Good Voice Contest, such as "Hanoi Faith and Hope", songs that adhere to each period, to all ups and downs in his musical career.

On this program, Meritorious Artist Dang Duong expressed, "I am very happy and honored to be invited to participate in the last Musical Path program of the year, after a long time that I have not been able to sing due to the pandemic. That is why, in this program, I will dedicate all my enthusiasm, all the "fire" accumulated during the last months of the pandemic to tell the story. Let the audience hear about my musical journey."

On the musical night, the only guest present with Dang Duong was singer Pham Thu Ha. Speaking of this, the Hanoi's voice of faith and hope revealed that he chose Pham Thu Ha because the singer pursues chamber music, who has a beautiful voice, is serious in her profession, passionate and meticulous in music.


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