"Morning Coffee with VTV3"'s new format: ever newer and more inspirational

by 11 April 2021 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - The familiar program that airs in the morning every day on VTV3 will reach the audience with a new and more energetic look.

At a press conference on the afternoon of April 9, Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy Director General of Television of Vietnam (VTV), said: "VTV always makes efforts in improving content, form and especially applying innovation to fit television trend, with the focus on entertaining and engaging content."

"Today, the Entertainment Program Production Department officially announced a new version of Morning Coffee with VTV3, a program that has been run for nearly ten years, so the new version would be produced with experienced and reputable crew", Do Thanh Hai continued - "I myself have been the one who has followed the process of creating the new format of the show, so I think this will be a much more attractive version. In addition, with the experience, talent and intelligence of the dedicated team, which has successfully built the VTV3 channel, it will once again leave its mark on the audience".

"I want the program to continue to generate new successes and in the next five or ten years the show will continue to be one of the programs that create a brand for VTV3 and for VTV", Hai added.

Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy Director General of Television of Vietnam

Mr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy Director General of Television of Vietnam

Also, at the press conference to launch the new format this afternoon, journalist Diep Chi - representing the production crew - stressed: "This is the "Debut" of an old friend who has been with VTV3 audience since 2012."

"A new, friendly and energetic version of Morning Coffee is ready to meet with the audience starting at 6:30 a.m. on April 12, 2021 on VTV3."

The Morning Coffee team also added: "The year 2020 is full of fluctuations. Many people continue to struggle amid the chaos of life, amid the many difficulties left by COVID-19. The Morning Coffee show has chosen this moment to return with a new look, continuing the journey of bringing joy, illusion, love for life to all."

So, what does the show pretend when making the comeback?

It is the desire to become a close friend of the audience, the wish to bring together many" pieces "of colorful life and to tell simple stories that the show will introduce good music, new works of art, connect artists and fans, update trends, suggest and guide content closely related to life , offer many fascinating trips, exciting experiences, present beautiful landscape along Vietnam.

The 45 minutes of Morning Coffee will be time full of positive emotions, which are necessary for the public needs before the start of the new day.

Morning Coffee summoned by a team of young hosts, each of whom leaves his or her own mark on TV. That's Dang Tran Tung, one of the first five people in Vietnam to achieve an absolute IELTS score of 9.0, for the first time trying to be TV host in a program that deals with about just everything. That's Phi Linh - presenter of major cultural entertainment event. That's Bui Phuong Nga, Vietnam beauty queen runner-up in 2018 who has pursued her dream of becoming a host for many years and now has seen it come true."

And who else? Xuan Quynh - Rainbow Champion in 2013, the girl from Gia Lai province chose Hanoi to settle down now has the opportunity to prove her strength. The morning coffee of 2021 also welcomed the return of familiar hosts such as Duc Bao and Hong Nhung.

With a team of talented faces listed above and engaging content, Morning Coffee promises to offer the audience 45 minutes to start the day with all the most positive emotions and energy with the message: "A New Day with Morning Café - "new" every day and love this life more".

Morning Coffee is broadcast at 6:30 a.m. every day on the VTV3 channel and on VTV Digital platforms: Morning Coffee webpage, VTVGo and VTV.Vn.

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