Modified designs breathe new life into Ao Dai

by VNA/VOV11 March 2018 Last updated at 14:00 PM

Teenagers wearing Ao Dai participate in a parade on Ho Chi Minh City's Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. - Ao Dai, the traditional long dress, is no longer symply a gown for big events and celebrations in Vietnam. It has become more popular in offices and schools, and even for outings.

In response to a program to promote Ao Dai, female employees in businesses, organizations, and state agencies in HCM city are wearing the dress at work throughout March. 

Phuong Tra of the municipal Women’s Union said Ao Dai is her favorite work costume. She owns at least 30 sets of Ao Dai. Tra said, “I prefer modified Ao Dai. They are convenient, particular for short business trips. I can wear them for any occasion”.

Ngoc Nuong, a health and nutrition consultant of Amway company, said Ao Dai is always her number one choice during receptions for foreign partners. She added, “Modified Ao Dai looks cool, young, and dynamic. They match perfectly with the busy life of modern society.”

Modified Ao Dai is often shorter to pair with pants of different types and even skirts. Designer Sy Hoang said that the modified Ao Dai must retain all traditional features of the original design but is at the same time convenient, at least for mobility.

“Ao Dai is made to fit the body and to some extent, the personality of each individual. Instead of a uniformed design, Ao Dai should be diversified so that they can penetrate more in daily life,” he said.

HCM City is hosting its 5th Ao Dai Festival until March 25. The event, which includes fashion shows and an exhibition of more than 50 objects and various ao dai collections, attracts more than 20 leading domestic Ao Dai designers across Vietnam.