Model Kid Vietnam first season to be aired on VTV9 from July 14

by Hồng Quân25 June 2019 Last updated at 15:00 PM - The reality TV program for young models - Model Kid Vietnam – first season will be aired on VTV9 on Sunday, starting from July 14th.

Model Kid Vietnam 2019 is a fashion reality TV show for children aged 5 - 13. The program will be an interesting and exciting race among 4 teams, under the guidance of four coaches: Tuyet Lan, Mau Thuy, Quang Dai and Huong Ly. The program host is former model Thuy Hanh.

Talking about Model Kid Vietnam, the representative of the production unit - Ms. Trang Le - said: "There are many reasons why I want to produce fashion shows for children, especially Model Kid Vietnam 2019. The first reason comes from the desire to bring a meaning ful program for children in the summer, a useful playground for them. The second reason is the needs of the market. In the current model market, the brands of child fashion are constantly looking for child faces to represent them; and finally, as a person working in the field of model training and producing fashion programs for many years, I think it's time to create a professional environment for children to live truly at their age. "

Referring what makes the program different from others fashion shows, Ms. Trang Le affirmed that Model Kid Vietnam 2019 will surely be the perfect launching platform for children who have the passion and desire of modeling. Besides, "The attraction of the Model Kid does not come from the dramatic circumstances but from the innocence and loveliness of the children," Trang stressed.

After the selection rounds, 20 outstanding contestants have qualified for the official rounds of the program. The coaches Tuyet Lan, Mau Thuy, Quang Dai and Huong Ly will have the right to choose members for their teams, consisting of five each, to teach the way to conquer the Model Kid Vietnam's highest position in the first season.

Model Kid Vietnam is posting many difficult questions for the program producers. In the ages of 5-13, the children still need the arms of their parents. Joining the program, they have to live far away from parents for a while. Could they stand it? whether parents are comfortable with the fact that their children will live in the "new home" in a few months of shooting ?

Kid Vietnam Model 2019 will be broadcast on VTV9 channel at 12:00 every Sunday, starting from July 14th.


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