Mobile medical stations: An effective solution on the frontline against COVID-19

by NDO14 November 2021 Last updated at 15:48 PM

Mobile medical staff in Ca Mau province working at a vaccination site in Ca Mau city (Photo: NDO/Huu Tung)
Mobile medical staff in Ca Mau province working at a vaccination site in Ca Mau city (Photo: NDO/Huu Tung)

VTV.vn - In response to the Government’s resolution on a safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of COVID-19, cities and provinces in the Mekong River Delta have set up mobile medical stations.

Since the end of September, An Giang province’s health sector has converted more than 200 ambulances into mobile medical stations, which provide locals with medical advice and consultation on COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

Set up in all 156 communes, wards and towns across the province, the model has proven effective against disease prevention and control, particularly rural areas in Thanh My Tay, O Long Vi, Binh Phu, and Khanh Hoa communes in Chau Phu district as well as Chi Lang, Co To and Ba Chuc towns in Tri Ton district.

Chairman of Phu Tan District People's Committee, Le Nguyen Chau, said that the district has deployed six mobile medical stations operating 24 hours a day since the pandemic continuously broke out in Phu My and Cho Vam towns and Tan Trung, Phu Tho, Phu Thanh, and Phu Lam communes.

At that time, when medical workers at the stations detected a positive case of COVID-19, they immediately took actions to treat the patient. Meanwhile, suspected cases received consultation for COVID-19 and were transported to the local medical unit in case their situation worsened. Each station also has a mobile medicine cabinet for both COVID-19 patients and patients suffering from common illnesses.

According to Chau, in the new “normal” state, the district plans to continue operations of the mobile health stations in 18 communes and towns to provide treatment for COVID-19 cases with mild to no symptoms at home.

To date, a total of 96 mobile medical stations have been set up in all nine districts and Ca Mau city in Ca Mau province. The Ca Mau provincial Department of Health has mobilised more than 500 medical staff and a series of necessary equipment for the operation of each station.

In Can Tho City, mobile medical stations have been established in 83 communes, wards and towns within nine districts, of which human resources coming from available medical staff in the localities as well as the participation of young volunteers and retired medic workers. Each station is equipped with oxygen tanks, ventilators, quick test kits, and medicine cabinets in order to prevent and control the pandemic within the community.

Doctor Vo Ngoc Anh, Head of the mobile medical station in An Phu Ward, Ninh Kieu District said that the station operates 24 hours a day to proactively handle all arising situations in a timely manner.

The medical staff has coordinated with functional units to carry out contact tracing when an F0 case is detected, and join hands to deploy mass testing of COVID-19 in the community and collect health declarations for people from outside the province and those returning from pandemic-hit areas.

As there are many things to do, the work is quite stressful, Anh said; however, the staff has strived to overcome difficulties for the safety of the people, she asserted.

Sharing the same opinion, a representative from the Can Tho City’s Department of Health pointed out that staff at mobile medical stations have to cover many tasks at the same time, including providing medical examination and treatment, carrying out COVID-19 contact tracing and deploying mass testing in the community. In addition, most of the facilities and equipment need to be upgraded to meet the requirements of the COVID-19 prevention and control.

The People's Committee of Can Tho City has directed the city’s Department of Health to enhance the human resources and quality of facilities at the mobile medical stations in order to prevent the increase in the number of F0 cases, and contain the pandemic in the city.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Ca Mau provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hai Tien has asked the provincial health sector and authorities of districts to strengthen the operation of medical units at grassroots levels, which play an important role on the frontline against COVID-19.

He also called on staff at the mobile medical stations to stand ready to support COVID-19 response for a safe and flexible adaptation to the pandemic in the long run.


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