Measures to promote tourism vocational training

by VTV403 August 2015 Last updated at 12:53 PM - Tourism is forecast to be a key sector for Vietnam as it increasingly integrates into the world economy via the ASEAN Economic Community and other free trade agreements.

However, the domestic tourism market labour force will see more competition from workers from neighbouring countries. To help Vietnamese staff in the sector improve their quality, a Young Hoteliers competition has organised for the first time in Vietnam.

The Young Hoteliers competition is attempting to improve the reputation of the Vietnam’s tourist sector services. Tram and her team are working on a project to build a website providing information and other services to tourists visiting Vietnam.

"There are many different websites promoting tourism in Vietnam. However, the information is not presented in an interesting, useful or attractive way. The internet is the foundation for many things now. Therefore, if we can incorporate good content running on a good internet foundation, we should be successful", said Nguyen Vu Anh Tram, a student of National Economics University, Hanoi.

Tram’s project is one of 230 ideas competing in this competition. The competition had attracted more than 700 entrants in just 3 months.

According to the Tourism Department, Vietnam has a relatively cheap labour force compared to other countries in the region. However, competition for highly-skilled positions will become increasingly tough.

Tram and her team will travel to Switzerland to learn and exchange experience in this sector. Competitions like the Young Hoteliers Award this year are good examples of preparation activities to help boost the tourism industry in Vietnam.


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