Live TV Show "Song of Peace": 6 Connection Points from North to South

by Hồng Quân14 July 2022 Last updated at 07:00 AM

Live TV Show 'Song of Peace': 6 Connection Points from North to South - The Live TV Show "Song of Peace" is a program of special significance on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Day of Invalids and Martyrs.

As a key VTV program in 2022, the live broadcast of the Song of Peace will be carried out by Vietnam television with 6 connection points stretching from north to south.

Since the end of May, the Youth Department, the News and Current Affairs Department, VTV8, VTV9, the Technical Center, the Broadcasting Center and the Decoration Center have rushed to prepare the program: from developing the script to the production, from technical work to scenography.

The program is expected to take place at 6 locations, including: Bac Son Monument (Hanoi), Ben Duoc Temple (Ho Chi Minh City), Vi Xuyen Cemetery (Ha Giang), Statue of Vietnamese Heroic Mother (Quang Nam), Hoai Nhon City Martyrs Temple (Binh Dinh) and An Giang Province Martyrs Cemetery.

With the content revolving around those who thanks to them, peace today is possible, Song of Peace will not only be a reminder of the war, but will also help the audience to better understand the "price of peace" after so much bloodshed and losses due to war.

With 6 connection points, Song of Peace is a television program that takes place from the northernmost point of the country to the southern regions. In addition to the story of 33 unidentified martyrs, that of the team that collected the remains of martyrs in Cambodia, the program will also update the country's socio-economic achievements in the first 6 months of 2022, along with the sacrifice and devotion to the country's prosperity.

On the morning of July 8, the director general of Vietnam's television station, Le Ngoc Quang, discussed with VTV's units about the preparation, organizational plan, and technical and security assurance of the broadcast. Given the importance of the programme, the Director General requested that VTV units carry out their jobs with the highest sense of responsibility to meet the overall requirements in both content and technical quality.

In addition to its special historical significance, the "Song of Peace" is aimed at drawing profound lessons for young people today and in the future about joining forces to continue preserving and protecting peace, as well as awakening the motivation for dedication and sacrifice for a developed and prosperous Vietnam.