Learning Vietnamese to link RoK and Vietnam

by PV09 April 2017 Last updated at 16:31 PM

photo: VOV
photo: VOV

VTV.vn - The group “Korean men” (Korea Oppa), Choi Sung Rak, Choi Jong Rak, and Kim Dong Rin, makes video clips learning Vietnamese and providing their experiences of the Vietnamese culture.

Their dynamism, youthfulness, and friendliness together with interesting stories have attracted the attention of many Vietnamese. They are becoming a link between the Vietnamese and Korean cultures.

The trio “Korean men” has become familiar to Vietnamese young people, especially those who love Korean culture.

The three men are also well known to Koreans who love to learn Vietnamese thanks to their video clips about Vietnam, learning Vietnamese, and singing Vietnamese songs in Korean.

Last August the trio began to learn Vietnamese with the hope of being able to talk with Vietnamese friends and make more attractive videos. But Sung Rak admits that it’s quite hard to learn Vietnamese in Korea.

“Vietnamese has 6 tones; many letters of the alphabet are difficult to pronounce. For foreigners like me, listening and speaking are the two hardest skills. There is almost no way to practice these two most difficult skills in Korea causing obstacles to my study,” said Sung.

Foreigners obviously find Vietnamese a difficult language and it’s quite common for them to get tired and abandon their study.

Sung Rak reveals how the group has taught themselves Vietnamese: “It will be useful if you can combine your hobbies and the study of Vietnamese. Making video clips is a good example. Because we like to make clips, we have created learning Vietnamese clips and have written Korean lyrics for our favorite Vietnamese songs. We can learn and practice Vietnamese while making these video clips. Sharing them on social networks is our attempt to make our study more interesting. In that way, the three of us find the study joyful and improvement day by day.”

The more they learn, the more they love Vietnamese. Early this year, they decided to come to Vietnam to learn the language professionally.

“Now we are beginning to have a real life experience of the Vietnamese culture and really learn Vietnamese.”

“Though our Vietnamese isn’t yet excellent and our knowledge of Vietnamese culture remains limited, we hope to share our love for Vietnam as it comes from our hearts. Thank you.”

“If you type ‘Korea Oppa’ on the Internet, you will find our video clips. Please love and support us a lot!!”

“This is ’Korea Oppa’, thank you.”


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