Promoting community’s reading culture

by PV09 April 2017 Last updated at 16:30 PM

photo: VOV
photo: VOV - April 21 is observed as Reading Day in Vietnam. Recently, book streets and festivals have been opened, promoting the community’s reading culture.

The Vietnamese government intends to mobilize social resources to develop a reading habit and reading skills for people, especially young, rural, and disadvantaged people. Vietnam targets four books person and 300 million total library visits to a library each year.  Vu Duong Thuy Nga, Head of the Library Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said “We have defined specific measures to boost the reading, beyond advocacy campaigns. Awards are given to individuals and organizations who help boost the community’s reading.”

The Youth Publisher, the Women’s Publishing House, and the Kim Dong Publishing House host a spring book festival in March and an autumn book festival in October to introduce new, interesting publications. Reading Day is observed in many places. Nguyen Kiem, Vice President of the Vietnam Publishers’ Association, said “The more book festivals, the better for us because the thirst for books is nurtured. The spring and autumn book festivals at the Hanoi Women’s Museum is an excellent initiative, and there are other book events hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications.”

Hanoi resident Nguyen Quoc Bao said he was pleased with the book festivals, where authors talk to the audience and autograph their books. Such a book space is very useful, helping people find what they are looking for.

Family bookshelves have been established in some localities. Advanced technology helps the community more easily access information.  Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong, Director of the Women’s Publishing House, said “We use social media effectively in addition to traditional broadcasting and print newspapers to attract more readers. This is one useful measure to promote a reading culture within a community.”



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