Joyful Lunch: transformation to enhance interactivity

by Hồng Quân17 October 2018 Last updated at 15:28 PM - On air on VTV6 since 2014, Joyful Lunch program has been the one with high interactivity and which has attracted a great share of audience. By 2018, the program has made significant changes to be more engaging and interactive.

In 2018, Joyful Lunch has undergone transformations from the program identification, the studio decoration and the format. The production team ordered the re-design of the screen interface to make it similar to a computer screen. The audience comments and emoticons are shown on the right side. The bottom of the screen shows the top five viewers who liked and shared about the show the most, accurately calculated by the program's spreadsheet system.

According to the production team, these changes are aimed at encouraging the audience to interact with the program. If in the past, the production team selected the questions posed on the fanpage to ask the guests, now the questions are displayed on the screen and the guests select which question to answer. In this way, the guests and the audience are directly connected and which helps boost the viewership of the program.

The program applied three formats in a week. On Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, the guests will post keywords about themselves for the audience to find the answer. The program is based on Facebook's algorithms to find the earliest and best answers to be prized.

On Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday, the program consists mainly of talkshows without games and prizes.  Throughout the talks,  the guests express more about themselves  or introduce their creations.

Sunday format of Joyful Lunch consists of the viewer’s contribution through chatting among themselves, sending pictures or having lunch at a restaurant.

In 2018, Joyful Lunch does not hold a monthly event. In the time to come, the production team wants Joyful Lunch to be as popular as possible, diversify the audience so that no one has to “have lunch” alone.


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