French houses offer green living

by P.V31 August 2016 Last updated at 11:50 AM

VTV.vn - Old French buildings in Hanoi have been recognised as a key part of the city's heritage.

French style houses have recently been favoured when more people showing an interest in green architecture. According to experts, the housing style has been proved to be perfect for the country’s tropical weather.

The French Embassy building has been kept intact for more than a century now. All the rooms in the building are ventilated with beautiful balconies. According to the French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean Noel Poirier, living here is a joy.

"Construction of new buildings often relies too much on technology. I mean nowadays architects are keen to apply new technology while paying less attention to the basic rules of architecture. In many new buildings, they don’t design proper windows. In the past, houses were ensured to be ventilated by using proper materials that suited Vietnam’s hot and humid weather", said Jean Noel Poirier - French Ambassador to Vietnam.

Thick walls ranging from 35 to 60 centimetres is the secret to keeping a French style house warm in winter and cool in summer. In Hanoi, such buildings as the Hanoi Opera house, the National History Museum and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been survived all the hardships of time.

"The old buildings have things that we can adopt in the present. We’re constructing new houses in a way that save as much costs as possible. However, in the long run, houses like these will cost owners less on air conditioning and heating. They also can endure the tropical weather better", said Hoang Thuc Hao - Architect.

Architects also said that the French houses are great as they provide good living and working environment for people. For Hanoi, the buildings are not only worthy in terms of history, but are of great value in terms of architecture.

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