Four times Quang Tri has been a venue for TV live connection of Climbing Olympia's Peak program

by Hồng Quân20 June 2020 Last updated at 07:00 AM

VTV.vn - Four contestants from Quang Tri province have made it to the Climbing Olympia's Peak program and two of them were crowned champions.

With four boys who have continuously made it to the final round of the Climbing Olympia's Peak program in recent years, it can be said that Quang Tri is the cradle of producing and nurturing many talents of the country. In particular, Quang Tri has been home to 2 of the 19 champions during the past years.

Van Viet Duc - the first student to bring a live connection to the poor land of Quang Tri

Outstandingly surpassing 3 other competitors and winning the First Prize with 225 points, Van Viet Duc always proved to everyone that he deserved his achievements as well as the scores that he earned from the Week and Month competitions.

Competing in the final, Viet Duc proved to be better than other competitors when repeatedly went ahead and led the competition with the right answers. Giving the answers in a short time and yet uncertain about them, Viet Duc acknowledged that he was reckless. However, it was one of the factors that led to success, helping Van Viet Duc to be at the peak of Mount Olympia.

"Google boy" Phan Đăng Nhật Minh

Before coming to Climbing Olympia's Peak program, Phan Dang Nhat Minh earned the admiration of audiences nationwide with his extensive knowledge in all fields. That's why he is associated with nicknames such as: prodigy, Google boy, Boy of the Sun ...

In the 17th edition of the program, Nhat Minh won an overwhelming score and became champion with 300 points. Throughout the competition, Nhat Minh was quite calm but the champion of Climbing Olympia's Peak program 2017 also said that he had to overcome a great pressure which is the expectation of family, teachers, friends and himself.

From early childhood, he has shown the qualities of a "prodigy", such as recognizing numbers at the age of 6 months, reading and doing simple mathematical calculations when he was only 18 months old. While studying grade 9, "Google boy" completed the 11th grade program. Nhat Minh is currently a student of Chemistry at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He plans to complete a 3-year bachelor's degree at Swinburne, then take a master's degree and a PhD in Australia or another country.

Le Thanh Tan Nhat - the champion from Quang Tri

Ending the journey at the final of Climbing Olympia's Peak program in the 18th year with 120 points, Le Thanh Tan Nhat won the second prize.

Although not winning the highest position, Tan Nhat is still the champion for Quang Tri province people because of his confident, brave and assertive attitude during the competition.

Van Ngoc Tuan Kiet - A brave competitor

Making an impression when he won an overwhelming victory in the March competition with 310 points, Van Ngoc Tuan Kiet continued to earn his opponents' admiration by winning the Third Quarter Contest and made it to the final of the competition this year, excelling over three other opponents and his school in the homeland province of Quang Tri becomes the venue for the TV live connection in the live broadcast of the final.

Van Ngoc Tuan Kiet has been a good student for many years. Not only studying hard, Tuan Kiet also actively participated in extracurricular activities of the school. The Quang Tri boy is expected to be a formidable candidate in this year's competition.

Will Tuan Kien will be the next candidate from Quang Tri province to win the competition? Please follow Climbing Olympia's Peak program in its 20th edition at 13:00 every Sunday on VTV3.


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