Foreign Ministry issues advice to citizens on COVID-19 threat

by NDO/VNA14 March 2020 Last updated at 17:00 PM

A deserted street in Turin city, northern Italy, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo: Reuters)
A deserted street in Turin city, northern Italy, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo: Reuters) - The Consular Department under the Foreign Ministry has issued advice to Vietnamese citizens on what they should do amid latest complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic in many countries and territories worldwide.

Citizens in Vietnam should abide to relevant agencies’ warning against going abroad, particularly to areas with COVID-19 outbreaks.

Those who are abroad should avoid going to epidemic-hit areas, restrain from travelling or going to crowded public areas when not really necessary. They should strictly follow local authorities’ warnings, instructions and regulations on epidemic prevention and control, stay calm and not get panic while keeping updated on the epidemic through mainstream media and not spreading unchecked information.

Citizens returning to Vietnam from abroad should provide accurate and honest information in medical declaration forms at points of entry.

Those who return to the country from or transit epidemic-hit areas must fill in medical declaration forms accurately and honestly at the point of entry, and strictly abide to medical monitoring and the 14-day quarantine as required.

Those who hide information, intentionally give untrue information, or not adhere to quarantine requirements will be strictly punished in accordance with the law.

Vietnamese abroad are also advised to promptly inform local authorities, Vietnamese representative agencies and family members in emergency situations.

In case of needing help abroad, Vietnamese nationals should contact the citizen protection hotlines published on the official websites of Vietnamese representative agencies in the host countries, or the hotline of the Consular Department’s hotline at +84 981 84 84 84.


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