Follow Us season 3 is back on air

by Hồng Quân21 May 2019 Last updated at 14:59 PM

VTV.vn - Follow Us - the most popular English program on VTV7 is back!

Talking about Follow Us, we will remember immediately the "colorful" journey of  culture and life of Vietnamese people discovery throughout the country by the host Khanh Vy and Dustin Cheverier.

Follow Us season 3 is now back with exciting trips.

If in the first season, Follow Us viewers joined the hosts in "experiencing" the journey to discover many interesting cultural features in different regions of Vietnam.

Season 2 dealt with aspects of life such as: Social Networks, Minimalism (Simplify your life), Comfort Zone (Take chance).

In season 3, the "new" trends of young people will be addressed, especially  the difference between the culture of Vietnam and the West. With 2 familiar hosts, Khanh Vy and Dustin Cheverier, you will be listening to views of 2 young people from 2 countries of completely different cultures at the same time. For example, when talking about the role of women in the family, in Vietnam, their default responsibilities are cooking, taking care of children. But in the US, the housework is shared between husband and wife.

The level of humor in conversation between the duo Khanh Vy and Dustin Cheverier in improvised situations will make the program more appealing.

And do not worry if your English is not good enough to understand the show, because Follow Us always offers simple, easy-to-understand conversations, so you can learn phrases and expressions. Besides, you will also see cases of misuse of English that you often encounter daily.

Will there be any interesting topics waiting for you in Season 3 of Follow Us? Keep sharing on VTV7 fanpage with topics that you would like to hear Khanh Vy and Dustin’s opinions about this summer. Follow Us season 3 will start broadcasting at 10:30, 14:30 & 18:30 every Sunday , starting on May 19, 2019 on VTV7.

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