First 3D museum opened in Ho Chi Minh City

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3D painting is a high-end technique in modern art. This art form is popular in European countries, yet still a new concept in Vietnam. In an effort to bring 3D art to a wider audience, the first 3D museum will open in Ho Chi Minh City.

6 months, the museum will change its exhibits to add variety for visitors, evoking artistic creativity to today’s youth. The HCMC3D museum will officially open on October 10th.

Artinus (Art In Us) is a 3D painting art museum which has just been built and put into trial operation in Ho Chi Minh city. This is considered the first 3D painting museum in the city.

You will become very small when setting foot in the art world. Currently, the museum has 9 different topic areas which finely are decorated such as the wildlife world, oceans, the Renaissance art, ancient Egypt, etc.

Especially here is the image of Vietnam which is located in the heart of the museum, with highlight images as vast terraced fields in northwest region, Halong Bay , Hue ancient citadel or charming Mekong Delta Rivers . The impressive image is a girl in traditional ao dai costume which is drawn in big size.

3D Painting is the art form that applied with near and far principle, and then drawing in walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Images of people or nature are combined to make up the rich and vivid for work.

Within 3 months, 15 artists from South Korea have jointly completed hundreds of giant paintings.

When stepping through each different topic area, you’ll be lost in a new world with many different emotions and being surprised by the images which were designed in a related way.

Many houses are designed in a tilting position compared to the floor, making a small or big difference in attracting many young people to take pictures and experience.

In addition, the area of love is an interesting topic in the exhibition, attracting a large number of couples to record their lovely moments.

Small paintings decorated around corridors and walkways were also meticulously drawn and animated. You may be deceived vision with these colorful paintings.

Although it has not been officially opened, a large number of Vietnamese and foreign tourists visit. Even taking by phone, you can still have your own realistic 3D pictures.

The museum is daily opened from 9am to 10pm daily with fares from VND 220,000 to VND 300,000. Currently, the museum offers a 50% discount program for domestic visitors.

Located at in the Him Lam, District 7, here is a new discovery for the young Saigon.

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