Film tourism proves successful

by VTV404 January 2016 Last updated at 08:34 AM the movie Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, scores of tourists flocked to the southern province of Phu Yen to visit spots that appeared in the film. Tour operators have decided to tap film tourism to create new tourism opportunities

Môn beach has been the most visited place in Phu Yen province. Fueled by the movie “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass”, this place sees an ever-increasing number of tourists. According to a report from a HCMC-based tour operator, the number of visitors who registered to go to Phu Yen on this Lunar New Year Holiday has gone up by 70% year on year.

Ha Tan Sang, Staff, Relax Travel JSC., Ho Chi Minh City said: Many tourists wish to return to Phu Yen province to see spots that appeared in the film. Hence, our company designed a new tourism program called “Picturesque Phu Yen” to meet their demands. We added to the list landscapes included in the movie such as Môn beach, Mũi Điện lighthouse, and Đồng Cam dam.

Ha Thi My Linh, Tourist, Ho Chi Minh City said: After watching the movie, I wish to come and see how charming this land is.

Tour operators in Phu Yen province, Hanoi, and HCMC have linked up to develop tour routes which embrace the places that appeared in the film, together with other local landscapes. In the Lunar New Year Holiday, the number of tour registers has reportedly skyrocketed. This trend also paves the way for tour operators in general to design new film tourism products.

"Movies help recommend intriguing destinations while arousing the curiosity of viewers to come and discover lands that have appeared in the film", Ha Tan Sang, Staff, Relax Travel JSC., Ho Chi Minh City added.

Film tourism has gained popularity in many countries, and has proven its effectiveness in Vietnam recently.  Phu Yen Province, with the movie “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass”, could serve as a prime example. Such tourism products are expected to satisfy the demand of many travellers.

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