Eye-catching vegetables – a new direction for Da Lat’s agriculture

by VTV406 September 2015 Last updated at 17:08 PM

VTV.vn - Beside improving technology to raise productivity, many gardens in Da Lat City are now focusing on producing eye-catching vegetables.

Unlike usual pumpkins, these new varieties are the size of an orange and have various funny shapes. (hinh ot chuong) Bell peppers with different colours - red, green and yellow. Lettuce and cabbage also come in white, green, or purple. Visiting a small vegetable shop in Da Lat City’s market, one can expect to see more than just the usual green colour.

Hoang Trung Hung, a visitor, said: Each kind of vegetable has its own taste and provides different nutrients. It is thanks to the farmers’ skillfulness and technique and will cater to people's preferences.

For the same kind of vegetable, buyers can now choose different colours and shapes. New colours usually sell faster than traditional ones.

Le Thi Nguyet, vegetable Seller, Da Lat City Market said: Customers usually prefer colourful fruits. For example, to make juice, people prefer to use red peppers, while for cooking, they mix all three colors.

The diverse look of these vegetables has caught the attention of many large businesses in Da Lat. 7.5 hectares of this garden grow vegetables with the application of high technology to meet Global GAP standards. According to the garden's owner, diversifying products is an important factor in satisfying customers.

"The world’s new trend is now less about the productivity of vegetables. Now the quality and the look of the vegetables are given more attention. A dish of vegetables can be very colourful now.",  Mr Le Van Cuong Director, Dalat GAP Co. Ltd, Lam Dong Province added.

To react quickly to this trend, large vegetable producers in the province have invested in new varieties. According to them, these new products are a key element for Vietnam’s agro produce to enter high-quality markets. Lam Dong vegetable farms currently produce about 2 million tons every year.


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