Behind the scenes at VTV International

by PV06 September 2015 Last updated at 13:00 PM - Vietnam Television will celebrate its 45th anniversary on September the 7th. Vietnam Television’s International Channel, VTV4, has also developed and contributed to the country’s broadcast journalism.

On this special occasion, we take a closer look on what happens behind the scenes right here at VTV International.

It’s 8 am at VTV International. In order to prepare for the live edition of VTV News at 8, editors at the English Division have to work until 11 pm the day before and show up at 6 am the day after. Regular hours are just a concept to those who working at VTV.

Nguyen Duc Minh, Foreign Language Division, VTV International (VTV4) said: Time is a significant factor in a reporter’s job in general and in broadcast journalism. Working hours are flexible and pretty open-ended. Only those who are passionate are able to do the job. If not, you’re not going to enjoy it and it will be easy to give up.

VTV International covers a wide range of subjects, including local to international issues. With an aim to feature true footage from every corner of Vietnam, reporters and editors at VTV International have to travel regularly, including to remote destinations.

Due to the tight schedules and obvious wide range of locations, we have to travel a lot to find stories and meet characters. We can end up eating and working on the plane sometimes," Journalist Le Minh, Deputy Head, Vietnamese Division, VTV International (VTV4) added.

Nguyen Tien Vu, Cameraman, VTV International (VTV4) said: I think being a cameraman is a tough profession. We work under high pressure and are away from home for business trips most of the time. However, we still find the work enjoyable.

Most of the editors and reporters at VTV International are quite young. They represent fresh energy, innovation and a passion for the job.

Journalist Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, VTV International (VTV4) said: In recent years, a great number of young editors and reporters have come and worked for VTV4. They have contributed bright ideas, great enthusiasm and creativity for the channel.

Through the time they work together, editors, reporters, and cameramen at VTV International share the same workplace for long enough it feels like “their second home”.


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