Expectations of country leadership in the new year

by P.V12 February 2016 Last updated at 08:19 AM

VTV.vn - The success of the 12th National Party Congress added to the joyful atmosphere of the new year.

The new year also marks the transition to the new leadership and people all over Vietnam expressed their confidence in their new governmental leaders.

Two days before Tet, the Party Central Committee appointed Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee. On the same day, 6 members of the Politburo and members of the Party Secretariat were also appointed to key positions in central and local governmental bodies.

"New leaders need to inherit the intellect of the country’s former leaders. I have gone through the periods of the fight for country liberation and the struggle against poverty so I know that the responsibility is heavy. New leaders will have to solve the existing issues and address new challenges to enhance democracy, equality and peace in the country", said Nguyen Viet Chuc, Former Delegate, 12th National Assembly.

"Economic reform is the key task. We are also renovating our political system. Renovations in administrative formalities and governmental mechanism are also needed, this has been done by new local leaders", said Dao Duy Quat, Former Vice Chairman, Commission on Ideological and Cultural Affairs.

Following the Tet holiday, the Politburo and the Party Central Committee will continue to introduce best officials to run for the election to high governmental agencies.

These chosen officials will face significant challenges due to Vietnam’s increased international integration. One of which is to implement and take advantage of the FTAs Vietnam has committed itself to.

"The free trade agreements that we have signed gave us opportunities to co-operate with major global players, from which our economy will flourish. This poses challenges for the new leaders", said Tran Dinh Thien, Economic Expert.

There are also challenges in the renovation of the political system. The new leaders need to overcome out-dated way of thinking to implement administrative reforms. They also need to put an end to people in state-owned enterprises and organisations continuously expecting subsidies and adopting a market approach to funding.

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