Exciting series of entertainment programs on VTV9

by Hồng Quân30 July 2023 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - Many attractive programs such as Whirlwind, What I Mean, Life is Beautiful have been broadcast on VTV9 to provide viewers with moments of relaxation and entertainment.

The newly aired program Life is Beautiful is a talk show with a new format featuring special characters and special stories. Here, the character will share emotional stories and unforgettable memories. The program is hosted by Quoc Binh and airs every Saturday at 19:15.

What I Mean is one of the family psychological counseling programs for VTV9 viewers, playing the role of a bridge between parents and children. In the new season, after a hiatus period, the program has a new appearance of beauty contest runner-up Hoang Oanh taking on the role of host.

Accepting the invitation to host the program, host Hoang Oanh expressed her happiness and pride to be the one to connect generations of family members. Hoang Oanh said "What I Mean" is a very meaningful TV program for viewers in general and parents in particular to better understand their children and thus help them develop in the most holistic way.

The Whirlwind program continues with Season 2. This is an exciting and very funny TV game show because of the fight scenes of the artists.

Whirlwind 2 is broadcast every Saturday at 7:30 pm with the participation of charming and talented artists such as Hoang Meo, Nam Cuong, Linh Ty, Le Nam, Nguyen Van Chung, Bao Kun, Duong Thanh Vang, Tran My Ngoc, Nguyen Dinh Vu, Minh Sang, Hai Yen.

Sitcoms, which have been very popular with the channel's audience over the years, continue to tell many simple and relatable stories. The family series Office Gossip is broadcast in the 5:50 pm time slot.

Meanwhile, Star Assistant focuses on exploiting the conflicts that arise between two entertainment companies that specialize in training and managing young talent. In each company, the artists are joined by recent college graduates. With youth and enthusiasm, they devote themselves to the arts through their works.


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