Embracing nature's love: Joining forces with your kids to become Earth's young guardians

by Hoai An21 September 2023 Last updated at 18:13 PM

In a world that operates largely through modern technology, it is easy to forget the importance of cultivating a love of nature in children from an early age. However, that love, like other genuine relationships, will be one of the sources of inspiration that enriches children's lives and makes the world better.

Just like the surrounding physical and human forms, the Earth is an indispensable part of our lives. When viewing nurturing love for Mother Nature as building a relationship with those closest to them, such as between the children with their grandparents, parents, and their close friends, children will easily learn how to live in harmony with the environment while helping to reduce the carbon footprint and impact on the ecosystem.

This approach also helps children cultivate deep gratitude for nature and the world around them. Children will be more likely to find joy in the simple things of life, which can be a source of emotional comfort and inspiration in their future lives. Moreover, fostering a sense of protecting nature also helps children improve their creativity when their parents encourage them to find solutions to environmental problems.

Starting with building environmental awareness, parents can further develop their children's love for Mother Earth with simple activities right at home for their kids, such as: classifying household waste, recycling of used items and talking about potential risks to the environment. These actions not only help families reduce their impact on the environment, but also provide valuable lessons for young citizens of our planet.

Ms. Trang Tran (Hanoi) shares her own story about how practicing a simple habit at home for your child can be a prerequisite for helping your child form environmental awareness when he or she grows up: “Since my son was a kid, I rarely bought new toys for him, and prioritize model and assembly toys so my son can creatively combine them when he wants something new. When my son grows a little older, I explained to him that every time I buy a new item, there is almost always a certain amount of waste from packaging or old items that are no longer used. My son understands that, so not only with toys but also with stationery, he only asks us to buy only what he really needs and to use the items he already has more carefully”.

In addition to home and school, family trips that incorporate green lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. These trips provide unique opportunities for children to learn hands-on and immerse themselves in nature. Furthermore, they help families bond while experiencing the wonders of the natural world together.

A representative of Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An - a famous resort oasis on the central coast of Vietnam honored as “Green Hotel” by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, said: “In the last few years, the travel trend of family tourists is no longer limited to recharging or wellness activities, but also extends to fun educational activities for children. Families today pay more attention to building environmental awareness in their children from an early age. That is a good sign, and also the reason why we launched the ‘Young Guardians of the Earth’ initiative this summer”.

“Young Guardians of the Earth” is an initiative of the resort to nurture the connection between children and Mother Nature.

“Young Guardians of the Earth” is an initiative of the resort to nurture the connection between children and Mother Nature.

“Young Guardians of the Earth” is a collaboration between the resort's gardening team and the Chuon Chuon Kids Club. This educational program gives young guests the opportunity to explore the world of science, make new friends and directly participate in activities that foster a deep connection between children and nature. The program includes two activities: composting, which helps the soil become nutrients-rich and ready for planting, and planting seeds with composted manure. Not only are they guided about the benefits of composting, the children will also learn about the importance of the 3R concept – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and the fourth R – “Regenerate” that was added by the Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An team, in their daily lives.

During each activity session, local experts will introduce children to the rich tropical vegetation right in the resort's gardens. The bond between children and Mother Nature will not end there, but will also continue as the children bring home a selection of seedlings to cultivate their own small garden at home. By imparting knowledge about sustainability and science to children, “Young Guardians of the Earth” is an effort to demonstrate the resort's commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.

Experience gardening and composting right in the lush green garden of Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An.

Experience gardening and composting right in the lush green garden of Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An.

Sustainability is one of the core values of Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An, offering guests of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle of harmony and mindfulness with nature.

The resort not only provides a luxurious, relaxing experience but also encourages families to get closer to the natural world, such as the garden providing more than 40 varieties of herbs, vegetables and fruits for the restaurant and spa right in the resort, or ingredients sourced from local farms, noodle and rice paper makers. In 2019 alone, Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An reduced 420,000 plastic bottles, equivalent to 5.8 tons of plastic waste thanks to its on-site bottling plant. It also composted 4,000 tons of organic waste on-site, helping to reduce the need for waste disposal and save a significant amount of plastic bags each year.

Reducing waste, especially plastic waste, is a principle in all daily activities of Four Seasons.

Reducing waste, especially plastic waste, is a principle in all daily activities of Four Seasons.

Just by cultivating children's awareness and love for nature, parents can help future generations become responsible citizens of the Earth. Let’s join Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An on this journey, starting right at home or through initiatives like “Young Guardians of the Earth”. Together, we can ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

At present, you can reach out to +84 235 395 9879 or for further details and to begin planning your family's journey to become “Young Guardians of the Earth” at Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Hoi An.


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