Documentary Letter to the Future: 60 emotional letters from a young soldier who died at the age of

by Hồng Quân13 July 2020 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - Letter to the Future tells a touching and authentic story of a generation of young people who fought in the battlefield and devoted their youth to the country.

Documentary Letter to the Future is expected to disseminate the pride among the young generation of today and the future of a time when the old generations once lived and fought, worked and loved for a heroic Vietnam.

The film begins with letters from martyr Pham Ngoc Hung to his family. He died at a very young age, when he just turned 20 years old.

Martyr Pham Ngoc Hung

Martyr Pham Ngoc Hung

Sharing his thought about the documentary Letter to the Future, director Doan Thuy Nga said: "Our story begins from a very accidental meeting with the family of martyr Pham Ngoc Hung. He was a boy when he took up arms. Hung volunteered to the army and went to the battlefield when he turned 18. During the two years until his death, he wrote 60 letters to his family. "

"We find memories from Pham Ngoc Hung's childhood of through stories told by his family. We went to the school where he learnt as a student. We found his old friends with whom Pham Ngoc Hung spent his beautiful days before he left to the army".

Filmmaking crew of Letter to the Future

Filmmaking crew of Letter to the Future

Filmmaking crew of Letter to the Future has come to different places like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Gia Lai to search for material for the film. Following the marching path of the young soldier in the past and digging deep into the story of martyr Pham Ngoc Hung left deep emotions in the team.

To tell the story, the crew chose to emphasize authenticity. The visual materials in the Letter to the Future are gentle and rustic according to the story's feelings. The scenes in Hanoi - the birthplace of martyr Pham Ngoc Hung, though not many, are carefully chosen, including the old Hanoi street corner, to depict the first pure love of the young soldier, his friends and childhood.

A guiding thread connected the emotional stories of relatives, classmates and people related to martyr Pham Ngoc Hung.

The documentary "Letters to the Future" is scheduled to air in July on VTV1


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