Developing tourism in south west Quang Nam

by Hung Nguyen07 June 2017 Last updated at 06:00 AM - Not only famous for Hoi An, My Son and Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam is also known for its 125 km long coastline with pristine beaches, eco-lakes, and villages in the southwest.

Located 7 kms from Tam Ky town, Tam Thanh beach is in pristine condition, stretching kilometers, and unpolluted by industrialisation. What attracts tourists even more are the mural paintings drawn on every corner of the village.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoai, a tourist in Quang Ngai city said: I'm most impressed by the picture of the girl wearing ao dai. The artists are very good.

This fisherman wakes up at 3 am and comes back at 7 am. Income from fishing brings an average income of 250-300 USD per month to Ngoc Anh's family and others in Tam Hai island commune, Nui Thanh district. Recently, they've been earning more income through tourism.

One side of Tam Hai island commune faces the sea, while its other sides are bordered by rivers. With Hòn Mang, Hòn Dứa islet and coral reefs, it has the potential to be an unique seaside homestay area in Central Vietnam. In the future, when more infrastructure is added to the area, tours linking famous destinations in the North, such as Tam Thanh (Tam Ky), Rang beach or Tam Hải (Thành moutain) will really shine.

Le Tri Thanh, Vice President, Quang Nam Province People's Committee said: The necessary infrastructure for tourism in the South West of Quang Nam province is good. The land transportation system, airports, Da Nang's international terminal, and Chu Lai airport is being upgraded. For this year's festival we will open a new tourism port for sea travel.

Quang Nam also has Phú Ninh Lake, the largest artificial freshwater lake in Central Vietnam, and the villages of Tiên Phước district with their unique stone architecture, featuring houses that are hundreds of years old. Last year, this area welcomed about 760,000 visitors, a modest figure considering its potential. There are about 4 major tourism projects invested in by big corporations in the south of Hoi An. The hidden beauty of the countryside is waiting to be awakened.


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