Congress to finalise list of candidates for 12th Central Committee

by P.V25 January 2016 Last updated at 07:37 AM - On Jan 24th, the 12th National Party Congress began discussing their personnel choices for the Party's 12th Central Committee.

As scheduled, delegates spent the whole day working in groups to finalise the list of candidates for the 12th Central Committee before presenting them to Congress.

Each delegation to the 12th National Party Congress received a suitcase of documents which provided information about all potential candidates for the 12th Central Committee. Many delegates are quite satisfied with this preparation.

The 12th Congress has seen some renovations, such as better preparation for personnel issues. Documents about candidates are sufficient and the methods of discussion have been fine-tuned.

The 11th Central Committee prepared personnel documents very well. Discussion and nomination processes are also strict, with 9 rounds of discussion on the new Central Committee candidates and 15 rounds on Politburo members.

Delegations spent most of today’s working sessions researching information about candidates and making contributions to the selection of the 12th Central Committee. Based on the results of discussions, delegates have filled in the forms of nominees and candidates.

"The discussions to choose each candidate were very transparent and careful. At the end we made our own choices", said Huynh Van Toi, Member, Dong Nai Province’s Delegation to 12th National Party Congress.

From the results of discussions, the list of candidates is being completed. But when a nominee wants to step down from the nominationlist, it will also be decided by the Congress. This shows that the election regulations uphold the principle of democracy.

In the afternoon working session, heads of delegations reported their lists of supplementary nominations for the committee. Accordingly, hundreds of additional candidates were nominated for the 12th Party Central Committee, including 62 candidates for official membership.

At the end of the session, delegates voted on candidates that wished to step down from the list. As scheduled, the Congress will announce the additional list of supplementary nominations for the 12th Party Central Committee on Monday morning.

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