Chinese products promoted in Hanoi

by 17 June 2016 Last updated at 10:22 AM

Credit: Uyên Hương/BNEWS/TTXVN
Credit: Uyên Hương/BNEWS/TTXVN

VTV.vn - The 2016 ASEAN-China Expo opened in Hanoi on Thursday. The event was organised by the Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Vietnam is regarded by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group as a potential market for business activities, so the company has decided to expand its operations in the country.

Xiang Hai Dong, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd said: We expected to promote our products through this expo and hopefully find more Vietnam customers. We sell around 100,000 units, which are mainly car components and, construction machinery.

26 companies attended the event from Fuzhou displaying more than 20 types of products such as handicrafts, construction materials and textiles. In addition to enhancing trade, the businesses have high expectations.

"Many businesses want to see market research by local partners before exporting local products to Vietnam. This is a turning point for Fuzhou’s economic development." said Lian Lin Lin, Assistant Secretary, Fuzhou Import-Export Business Association

The expo attracted more than 180 Chinese enterprises that operate in various markets. With more than 5 thousand square metres of displays, Chinese firms have brought major product groups such food packaging machinery, industrial equipment, electrical gear, vehicles, power equipment and construction materials.

Yang Yan Yan, Deputy Secretary General, CAEXPO Secretariat said: We’ve brought a variety of machinery here, including type power and construction materials, which are suitable for Vietnam’s current development strategy. We hope to synchronise China’s One Belt, One Road strategy with Vietnam’s national development strategy.

"This is a specific activity to help enterprises from China and Vietnam strengthening trade. Through this expo, Vietnamese firms hope to share new technologies, and together improve competitiveness and ultimately exploit the advantage of the trade agreement between ASEAN and China." Bui Quang Hung, Representative, Trade Promotion Agenc, Ministry of Trade and Industry added.

China is currently Vietnam’s biggest trade partner and Vietnam is also China’s second largest trade partner in ASEAN after Malaysia. The expo is regarded as a great opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to meet their Chinese counterparts. The free trade agreement between ASEAN and China will contribute to the improvement of competitiveness. The expo will run until June the 18th.


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