Cabinet discusses socio-economic issues

by PV30 November 2016 Last updated at 16:18 PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made the requirement while chairing the Government’s monthly meeting on November 28.(photo: VNA)
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made the requirement while chairing the Government’s monthly meeting on November 28.(photo: VNA)

VTV.vn - On the 2nd day of its monthly cabinet meeting, the government focused on discussing how to ensure clean government.

Corruption prevention and party integrity were the focal points of today's session of the November cabinet meeting. The cabinet was committed to guaranteeing transparency and campaigning against all forms of corruption. In order to achieve this, the PM wants stricter surveillance measures and more effective management policies. The government will impose severe penalties on officials who have failed to comply with regulations and exhibit moral compromises and lack effectiveness. Raising salaries for officials was considered one way to help reduce corruption.

Corruption prevention, as the prime minister put it, depends on the strict handling by the ministers and local authorities without any restriction. The ministers were already aware of their ministries' problems. Therefore, the prime minister required ministers to maintain stainless reputations.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also required all officials to fight against bureaucracy and corruption and act in the interests of the public.

Except for keeping national defence and public security classified information, all ministries, sectors and localities have to show transparency in all procedures, submitting their results as well as resolving cases properly. The PM required all ministers to act on what they had promised. Authorities at all levels should not submit for priministerial approval on issues of their responsibilities.

Mentioning the solutions to boost socio-economic development, PM Phuc asked to speed up the disbursement of state budget, which currently reached two thirds now. The ministry of Industry and Trade had to come up with solution to boost exports and protect the domestic market. The ministry also has to come up with measures to address five major projects with hundred millions of dollars of state capital which are stagnant for the moment. Inspections and surveillance should be carried out only once a year, if an enterprise is inspected, it will not also be audited. The prime minister also asked the ministries, sectors and localities to prepare for the Tet holiday, especially for people in the remote and natural disaster-affected areas.

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