Building Hanoi’s image as an ideal destination

by NDO27 February 2019 Last updated at 17:14 PM

Flags and flowers adorn the streets everywhere in central Hanoi to welcome the second DPRK-USA Summit 2019 (Photo: VNA)
Flags and flowers adorn the streets everywhere in central Hanoi to welcome the second DPRK-USA Summit 2019 (Photo: VNA)

VTV.vn - The second DPRK – USA Summit is taking place in Hanoi on February 27-28. The capital city’s dwellers have an honour to host and receive international guests, including nearly 3,000 journalists, from around 200 news agencies from 40 countries and territories worldwide.

The summit is not only an important political and external event of the year but also a marvellous opportunity to advertise the land and people of Hanoi as well as Vietnam’s image as a friendly and safe destination.

These days, Hanoi city is coated with a new appearance. Streets are clean and decorated. Colourful flowers and trees which are entering the changing-leaf season create a picturesque painting.

Hanoi city authorities have provided free buses and meals for journalists who registered to cover the summit, and the city’s tourism sectors have operated free tours for the journalists to explore the time-honoured culture and superb cuisine of Hanoi and its neighbouring places of Ha Long city and Ninh Binh province.

Many volunteer groups have worked to encourage Hanoians to build an elegant, civilised lifestyle.

As the working attitude and service quality of bus and taxi drivers have posed significant impressions on international visitors, including foreign journalists, the Ministry of Transport as asked functional agencies to increase management over public buses and taxi companies during the summit. Bus and taxi drivers are dubbed as “special envoys” of the host country as they are the first ones to welcome guests and the last ones to bid them farewell.

In such a short period of time, Hanoi completed its preparations for the DPRK – USA summit, proving its significant progresses in the preparations for hosting major international events.

The city’s landscapes, environmental hygienic condition, and urban management are well organised in order to create the most favourable conditions and comforts for international guests and have gained much compliments from international media and people in the country.

It is hoped that these improvements will be maintained every day in the city, contributing to realising the target of making Hanoi a centre of culture and tourism, and an ideal, attractive and interesting destination in the eyes of international visitors.


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