Artists show patriotism through bilingual music video

by H.N22 July 2016 Last updated at 15:11 PM

VTV.vn - After producing several music videos (MV) with the participation of hundreds of Vietnamese artists, singer Minh Quan has kicked off a community music project entitled “Vietnam My Homeland" to express the love of Vietnamese people.

Singer Minh Quan said, the song "Vietnam My Homeland", a famous song by late composer Do Nhuan, has meaningful lyrics about Vietnam’s rice, green tea, blue sea ... but also an invitation and greeting that shows the Vietnamese people’s hospitality and love for peace.

"We always welcome international visitors to Vietnam to learn about our country and to further understanding of Vietnamese people. We artists always understand the power of solidarity and unity so we are very excited to make this music video," Minh Quan said.

Tran Quang Minh, who joins Minh Quan to edit the MV, said: "We want to make this music video to raise our voices. Through this MV, we wish to contribute one more voice to defend Vietnam’s sovereignty over islands and water."

"The song Vietnam My Homeland was chosen because its lyrics are an introduction to the country of Vietnam to international friends, so that they will better understand the people of Vietnam," he said.

Minh said the project has been warmly supported by famous singers and artists in Vietnam, such as Meritorious Artist Hong Lien, musician Do Hong Quan, pop stars Dam Vinh Hung, My Tam, Bang Kieu, Tuan Hung, Thu Phuong, Anh Tu, Ngoc Anh, MC Hoang Linh, Khanh Hoa, actress Chieu Xuan and many others.

According to Minh, American singer Kyo York will translate the lyrics into English. This will be the first community MV released in both Vietnamese and English.

With this form, the MV producers and singers desire to send to international friends messages about love of the country from the Vietnamese people.

The MV will be released very soon.

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