Ambassador praises contributions of OVs in France to Fatherland

by NDO04 April 2022 Last updated at 14:57 PM

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang (fourth from left) and delegates at the event (Photo: NDO)
Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang (fourth from left) and delegates at the event (Photo: NDO) - Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang has praised the solidarity and practical contributions made by the Overseas Vietnamese (OV) community in France to the Fatherland.

The diplomat made the statement at a working session with representatives of the OV community and students in Toulouse city on April 2.

He spoke highly of the OV community’s activities and initiatives in preserving traditional values, promoting mutual support, and contributing to Vietnam’s development.

Despite different social backgrounds, Vietnamese expats in France have always supported each other and turned their hearts to the motherland, he stressed.

He called on the Students’ Association and Youth Association in Toulouse city to continue organising more activities to consolidate the solidarity and unity of the local OV community.

The OV community in Toulouse needs to work with other OV communities in other localities to develop an increasingly united and strong OV community in France, he stressed.

The Ambassador affirmed that the Vietnamese State always creates favourable conditions and takes prompt measures to support the OV community in general and the OV community of Toulouse in particular to live a stable life, well integrate into the host societies, and promote Vietnamese cultural identity.

The Vietnamese embassy in France will promote complete support for OVs to do business and live well in the host country, he added.

He expressed the belief that OVs in Toulouse city will gain more achievements and make further contributions to the host society and the motherland as well.

According to the President of the Vietnamese Students’ Association in Toulouse city, Luong Ba Khanh Lam, over its 17 years of establishment and development, the association has organised various activities to promote Vietnamese culture and traditions while enthusiastically participating in sporting and cultural events hosted by local organisations.

These activities have not only helped to strengthen the attachment and solidarity of the OV community in the city but also encouraged their contributions to the motherland.

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