After working together three times, Huyền Lizzie finally fell in love with Mạnh Trường

by Khánh Huyền05 November 2023 Last updated at 18:59 PM - In the new series "Chúng ta của 8 năm sau" (We, 8 Years Later), Huyền Lizzie realizes her long-awaited dream of experiencing true romance on screen with Mạnh Trường.

Despite several previous projects together, the two talented actors, Mạnh Trường and Huyền Lizzie, never had the chance to become a couple. Huyền Lizzie had previously expressed her desire to work with this charismatic "heartthrob" on screen at least once. Fate seems to have heard her plea in their latest film by director Bùi Tiến Huy, "Ngược chiều nước mắt" (Against the Tide of Tears), in which Huyền Lizzie and Mạnh Trường portray a striking screen couple. However, the characters they bring to life had to overcome many challenges in order to be together in the film's narrative.

"Ngược chiều nước mắt" (Against the Tide of Tears)

In "Ngược chiều nước mắt" (Against the Tide of Tears), Huyền Lizzie and Mạnh Trường share the screen again, but this time they play the roles of siblings. Mạnh Trường embodies the character of Thành, the older son, while Huyền Lizzie takes on the persona of Trang, the youngest daughter within the family dynamic. Within this story, Mạnh Trường's character has a history of romance with Phương Oanh and is currently married to Thu Quỳnh. In contrast, Huyền Lizzie's character is involved in the central romance of the story, along with Bình An and Anh Tuấn.

"Hồ sơ cá sấu" (The Crocodile's File)

In "Hồ sơ cá sấu" (The Crocodile's File), Mạnh Trường and Kiều Anh portray a married couple, while Huyền Lizzie steps into the role of Kiều Anh's younger sister, effectively making her Mạnh Trường's sister-in-law. However, her character, Nguyệt, has a special affection for her brother-in-law.

During a press conference, Huyền Lizzie had shared her feelings, saying, "I feel very honored as this is my debut in a detective movie. When I read the script, I was deeply intrigued by the multi-layered nature of my character, Thu, and the abundance of screen time it offered."

Huyền Lizzie expressed a sense of loss knowing that she would be working closely with Trường, but limited to a sisterly bond, saying, "I have had the privilege of working with Trường in the past, but our roles were limited to that of siblings or colleagues; I never really fell in love with him."

"Chạy trốn thanh xuân" (Escaping Youth)

In "Chạy trốn thanh xuân" (Escaping Youth), Huyền Lizzie plays the wife of Mạnh Trường's character. However, the marriage is devoid of her husband's genuine affection and isn't based on love. Strikingly, her role as Châu, despite being the antagonist, managed to win the hearts of the audience.

"Chúng ta của 8 năm sau" (We, 8 Years Later)

In their fourth film together, "Chúng ta của 8 năm sau" (We, 8 Years Later), Huyền Lizzie and Mạnh Trường are finally a confirmed couple. Both actors have worked together several times and have developed a remarkable chemistry. Huyền Lizzie portrays Ánh Dương, while Mạnh Trường becomes Lâm in the movie. Their characters share a past romance and exude the charm of youth. Nevertheless, Lâm makes the fateful decision to abandon his love for Dương and accept a substantial sum of money from her father. This life-changing decision transforms Ánh Dương into a completely different person.

When they are reunited, the remaining sparks of affection face monumental obstacles from their shared history. Will Ánh Dương be able to heal her wounds and open her heart to Lâm, and will Lâm find a way to rekindle Ánh Dương's faith in love?

"Chúng ta của 8 năm sau" (We, 8 Years Later) will be broadcast every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:40 PM on VTV3 starting from November 6. Stay tuned!"

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