Impressions of the 30 female artists participating in the first season of "Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng"

by Khánh Huyền05 November 2023 Last updated at 16:45 PM - On the evening of October 28, "Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng" (Sisters Who Make Waves) - one of the most anticipated television programs of 2023 - officially aired on VTV3.

This program, which not only boasts a substantial production budget, but also brings together 30 beautiful women, all of whom are accomplished female artists over the age of 30, has been years in the making in the entertainment industry. After the ups and downs of life, the program gives them the opportunity to reflect on their youth and dedicate impressive performances to their fans.

The 30 artists participating in the first season of "Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng 2023" (Sisters Who Make Waves 2023) are all celebrities who have been active in various fields of the entertainment industry. Some of them, such as Mỹ Linh, Hồng Nhung, and Thu Phương, have left a lasting impact on audiences after decades in the music industry. However, there are also those who are competing in a singing contest for the first time.

Vocalist Mỹ Linh shared: "I have been in the industry for 30 years. If I could get one more gift, I wouldn't want it to be fame or anything like that. I hope it's the bond of sisterhood, emotions, and challenges, such as learning new skills.

Hoa hậu H'hen Niê said: "Joining 'Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng' (Sisters Making Waves) is an opportunity for me. I'm not afraid, I'm not worried about learning something completely new for myself. I hope to master these skills. The spirit I want to bring to 'Chị đẹp đạp gió rẽ sóng' (Sisters Who Make Waves) is one of determination and effort, and to relive a wonderful youth.

The program consists of 15 episodes, adapted from the highly popular Chinese television show "Đạp gió" (Sisters Who Make Waves), and is designed for female artists over the age of 30. It includes 5 concert nights, a grand finale, and an assembly night where 7 winners will be selected.

By participating in the program, the artists will have to step out of their familiar images and practice more complex performances that combine dance and group musical competitions.

The program serves not only as a common space for 30 female artists to interact and reminisce about their beautiful youth, but also as an opportunity for them to come together and deliver impressive performances to their beloved audiences.

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