After Don't Make Me Forget, which movie will come next on VTV?

by Hồng Quân17 July 2020 Last updated at 00:00 AM

VTV.vn - The TV series Don't Make Me Forget has come to an end, but which movie will succeed remains a question of many TV viewers.

After TV drama Don't Make Me Forget ended, 30 episodes of Red Sand by Meritorious Artist - Director Luu Trong Ninh will be broadcast. The name of director Luu Trong Ninh is associated with TV dramas bearing his very own artistic tactics such as Remembering Those Who Stay, Phragmites Australis Flower... and Red Sand is no exception.

Starting from the vibe with the sunny and windy central region of Vietnam, the talented director has created a love story with full of emotions. Red Sand evolved around the love affairs between two people, three people and even four people. Every love story is depicted in all psychological dimensions to finally end with love, jealousy, hatred, longing. The characters in the TV drama are bold and fateful, promising to make a difference and attract viewers.

Sharing his view about the process of film making, director Luu Trong Ninh said: "We went against the old-fashion of moving making. We chose the context and emotions first and created our story later".

In Luu Trong Ninh's movies, the audience often meet many new and strange actors and actresses but who take on the role very successfully and leave good impression. In the film Red Sand, the selection of actors is very carefully done by the director through many rounds of casting. According to him, newcomers are often very good at expressing their emotions.

Although not a new face of Vietnamese TV series, but this is the first time, actress Thuy Diem and director Luu Trong Ninh work together. In the film, Thuy Diem plays Nho, a girl with special fate.

"Ever since I read the script, I was very impressed with the character Nho so I tried to convince the director to let me play the role. Nearly 6 months of filming, although I don't know whether the movie will succeed or not, I hope it will be well received by the audience ", Actor Thuy Diem expressed.

The film is scheduled to broadcast from July 30 on 21:30 at every Thursday and Friday weekly on VTV3.


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