A series of special programs to welcome New Year's Eve on VTV

by Hồng Quân29 January 2022 Last updated at 08:50 AM

VTV.vn - Colorful and full of emotions are the special programs to welcome the New Year produced by Vietnam Television (VTV) to air on New Year's Eve.

The series is made by different production units of VTV to spread the sense of effort, optimism, joy and aspiration. The first program that opens the series is Year-end Meeting and the last show is Endless Inspiration which airs at 1:00 on the first day of the Lunar New Year. All are broadcast on the VTV public channels.

With the wish to celebrate with the audience the new lunar year, Vietnam Television has prepared a special "Tet menu". With a duration of more than 5 hours, the series of programs is a journey both in time and space: from the "specialties" The Meeting of End of the Year of the Tiger with a humorous and profound perspective of Tao Quan, to first-class artistic representations, applying many modern lighting technologies in Shining Vietnam.

Tiger New Year's Eve Meeting

As the most anticipated meeting point of the audience every New Year's Eve, the Tiger New Year's Eve Meeting brings many creative reports from the Genie of Economy, Society, Traffic, Internet, Education, Health, Agriculture. The Genie of the Internet, this year's new creation played by People's Artist Tu Long, presented a special report that combines modern and traditional music.

Meanwhile, Economic and Medical Genies (Meritorious Artists Quang Thang and Van Dung) continued to showcase their chemistry in the unique and impressive choreography of "poking nose."

Keeping a sense of humor and wit, Tiger New Year's Eve Meeting delivers a positive and optimistic message as well as belief in good things in life. In particular, this year VTV will release a series of 4 episodes of the prequel Tao Quan, which will be uploaded to VTVgo from January 27 (January 25) and 2 episodes of the sequel just after the end of the Tiger New Year's Eve Meeting.

Shining Vietnam (22:00 - 29 Tet)

Shining Vietnam, which appears for the first time on New Year's Eve, has been carefully prepared from the ideas of the script to the way of staging, the acting technology, the new special effects, among others, to offer a "feast of sound, light and technology".

Optimizing modern technology, honoring the quintessence of heritage, showing gratefulness to the roots to for a brave and resilient Vietnam to shine, the program is a meaningful New Year's greeting on Spring New Year's Eve.

Pride of Vietnam Sport (22:20 - 29 Tet)

The Pride of Vietnam Sports is produced by the Sports Program Production Department with the presence of outstanding faces in Track and Field, Archery, Gymnastics, Futsal and Boxing.

Meticulously filmed in Lao Cai, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Pride of Vietnam Sports tells meaningful stories about athletes' dream journey from childhood to adulthood to bringing glory to the homeland. Under the main theme "Proud of Vietnam's Sport: I'm Going to Win Myself", co-written by rapper Phong Windy and musician and singer Ha Le, the growing up journey of outstanding athletes not only continues, but strengthens them to conquer new heights in the next many major tournaments, especially SEA games 31, and also exudes a spirit of pride in the sports industry's efforts to overcome challenges over the past year.

Van Xuan Calendar - The Special Years of the Tiger (22:29 - 29 New Year's Eve)

Imbued with the spirit of pride and optimism, the Van Xuan Calendar – The Special Years of the Tiger, produced by the Entertainment Program Production Department, reviews significant events in history through the modern and witty perspective of journalist Ta Bich Loan and her colleague Phan Dang.

With a vivid and creative presentation, the team sent the message: looking back at important events in the important Tiger years is a way for us to have more faith in the laws of nature: the end of the storm is the beginning of peace. At the end of the day, conviction in the power of human aspiration and kindness is what keeps society stable and the mind of people at peace to look to the future.

Season of Reunions 2022 (22:35 - 29 Tet)

The 2022 Reunion Season, produced by the Youth Programs Department, offers a warm and cohesive space through three episodes: The Power of Humanity, The Aspiration to Rise, and the Desire to Reunite. Combining artistic representations with creative choreography, mixing traditional and modern music, with the participation of artists loved by the public, such as the meritorious artist Thanh Lam, the singers Ha Tran, Uyen Linh, Doan Trang, Ngo Hong Quang, among others, the show tells emotional stories of many famous guests.

Meticulously filmed in many locations, with a setting rich in symbolic meaning, Season of Reunions 2022 makes the audience feel the love, sharing and cohesion to overcome difficulties and challenges, through which, expressing a message of solidarity, the aspiration to rise and conquer new heights of the Vietnamese people.

Endless Inspiration (1:00 - 1st day of Tet)

As the first program of the Lunar New Year, Endless Inspiration, produced by the staff of the Department of Artistic Programs, takes viewers to the magical lands that invite people to visit in the new year. Inspired by the attraction of the magic lands, the production team and famous guests such as People's Artist Lan Huong, Meritorious Artist Do Ky, Meritorious Artist Quyen Linh, actor Do Duy Nam, Chan la cà, moving Fahoka, Hoàng Nam, Trung Quân idol explore the country's stunning cultural and tourist attractions: Ha Giang, Dien Bien, Ha Nam, Quang Nam, Kontum, Ninh Thuan, Dong Thap.

Meticulously prepared for a long time, exploiting the strengths of many production units of Vietnam Television at the same time, the series of New Year's Eve programs lead by editors Quoc Khanh and Thuy Van will be the new year best wishes sent by VTV to its audience nationwide.



20h02: Tiger New Year's Eve Meeting

22:00: Shining Vietnam

22h20: Pride of Vietnam's sports

22:29: Van Xuan Calendar - Special Years of the Tiger

22:35: Season of Reunions

1h00 New Year (1/2): Endless Inspiration - Magical Lands

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