A look back at the birth of VTV

by VTV405 September 2015 Last updated at 15:00 PM

VTV.vn - The memory of the early days of TV still remains vivid in viewers' memories until today.

People these days can watch VTV programs anytime anywhere using an iPad or smartphone with an internet connection. However, 45 years ago, watching TV was a dream for many people as TV was not yet widespread. At that time, producing a program was also a challenge for TV producers. Let's travel back to the 70’s to learn more about the experiences of both viewers and producers when VTV was first broadcast.

The memory of the early days of TV still remains vivid in viewers' memories until today.

Cung Thien Nga, Resident, Hanoi said: No one watched much TV during that time. We waited a long time and were very nervous. When a program aired, we all cheered, "wonderful!". I was only 13 years old, so I couldn’t understand how people made themselves small and sang and danced inside the TV. Both children and adults were really excited. We even climbed on windows to watch.

Anxiety and excitement were also the feelings of TV programmers. For a live programme, the crew prepared and practiced throughout the day. Programmes were 1.5 to 2 hours long. They featured music performances and dramas about the lives of Northern people. None of them were pre-recorded.

"Programmes were filmed and simultaneously transmitted via a TV tower. They were not recorded or edited in any way. Presenters could not afford to make mistakes", Meritorious Artist Kim Tien, Former Presenter, Vietnam Television said:

The first broadcast aired on September 7th, 1970, then was postponed in April 1972 due to war. Staff and equipment were moved to the then Hà Tây Province. All programmes were live because the station did not have the equipment to save them.

Tring Ly Than, Former Vice Director, Vietnam Television said: At that time, our cameras were out-of-date, but they could still generate signals meeting international standards. This meant that any normal receiver could receive stable and vivid images.

Journalist Nguyen Van Ninh, Former Reporter, Vietnam Television said: "It wasn’t easy but the crew were excited when we managed to broadcast. Former Director Tran Lam called it a “low-budget broadcasting style.” People within 70km of Hanoi could watch our programmes. It was really amazing."

Over the past 45 years, VTV has been a reliable source of news for Vietnamese TV viewers. This is thanks to the countless efforts of its staff since its first broadcasting.

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