Launching new VTV bureau in Middle East

March, 232018

This is the 12th news bureau of Vietnam Television globally. The office will broadcast and analyze the latest news in the area of Middle East and North Africa, where one of the hottest affairs and events taken place.

The opening ceremony is held with the attendance of the local authorities, representatives of the Middle East and North Africa’s countries, as well as the Vietnamese community in the United Arab Emirates.

The new operation of Vietnam Television news bureau in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates will enrich the VTV broadcasting content about the current affair in the Middle East and North Africa.

Besides, the inception of the new bureau will bring further knowledge to the people and enterprises about the area of the Middle East and North Africa, where lies great potential in commerce and investment for Vietnam.

The bureau office of VTV has been into force in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which is formed by great efforts of Vietnam Television by improving the information and news quality in order to contribute to the national development and integration.

Hien Anh Hoang

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