Unique hotels in Da Lat

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VTV.vn - Special hotels have been built in the resort city of Da Lat, attracting many tourists.

Hotels on trees, slopes

An eco-tourism zone on Elephant Mountain, 15 km from Da Lat City, has hostels on the mountainside. To get to their rooms, guests have to overcome steep cliffs.  Staying here, visitors will experience the life of ethnic people of K'Ho and Darahoa.

The "bird-caged" rooms built on trees. To stay here, visitors have to pay about 60 USD per night. The toilet of this hotel looks like a cave.

Ghost hotel

Located in the northwest of Da Lat is a special resort, called "forest ghost". The houses located along the stream look romantic during daytime, but very spooky at night.

The resort can serve 70 guests at a time. The price of a house for 6 people is about VND1 million/night (nearly 50 USD). The fee is VND100,000 per additional person.

In the morning, the scene is romantic. There are several restaurants and bars right on the lake.

60 billion VND crazy hotel

With an area of 2,000 m2 and investment of 3 USD million, the Hang Nga guesthouse or Crazy House on Huynh Thuc Khang Street has very unusual architecture. Open for tourists since 1990, the project has increasingly expanded with special projects like a maze.

As the intention of the architect was to make a fairytale house, the “crazy house” resembles a tree with uneven windows, tunnel-shaped stairways, etc.  Both the exterior and the interior of the guesthouse are created and decorated with twisting organic forms and very few right angles. The hollow “tree” extends in many directions, rising above to reach the sky of Da Lat.

Walking along the cave-shape hallways inside the house is an exhilarating experience, a departure from the norm; wild mushrooms and spider webs pop up on your way.  Besides, the guesthouse is a spectacular construction with 10 themed guest rooms such as the tiger room, the eagle room, the ant room and the kangaroo room… with decorations and handcrafted furniture matching the theme.

Tiger-cage hotel

Located on Truong Cong Dinh Street, this colorful house is called the "tiger cage" hotel, a favorite of foreign backpackers.

This is a kind of cheap hotel that offers both dorms and private rooms that has just appeared in Da Lat in recent years. Each room has 6-8 beds designed as "tiger cages". The rent is only from 95,000 VND to 120,000 VND/night (3 USD - 6 USD).

Each bed is numbered, with the name of the tenant.

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