Son Tra Peninsula promotes coral reef conservation

by PV/VTV13 October 2015 Last updated at 07:48 AM

VTV.vn - Located only 10 kilometres from the centre of Da Nang City, Son Tra Peninsula is already a popular tourist destination.

Together with the tourism development, the local authority here is also well-aware of the need to promote and preserve the area’s biodiversity. Covering around 4,000 hectares, Son Tra Peninsula is known as the habitat of more than 100 species of fauna including a large number of rare animals. 

The peninsula is famous for the thriving species that call the coral reef home. Currently, 20 vehicles operate by 5 companies and 7 individuals have license to operate tours here. Tourists can choose to relax on a cruise or go fishing and catch squids together with local fishermen.

However, local fishermen normally fish near the shore and usually dock their vessels around the coral reef. In addition to that, some tourism companies ignore environmental protection efforts. Those activities have had a negative effect on the coral reef’s biodiversity.

"We take conservation into consideration when selecting tourism products in the peninsula. In our opinion, if tourism companies benefit from the coral reef, they will have to be responsible in protecting it", Nguyen Duc Vu, Deputy Head of Son Tra Peninsula Management Board, said.

The peninsula’s management board recently implemented a wide range of protective methods, including the use of glass-bottom boats in order to limit snorkelling activities in some selected areas. A group also collects rubbish weekly to maintain a pristine environment on the beaches and under water.

The board is working closely with the local authorities to divide the area into specific zones to promote biodiversity conservation efforts.

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