International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival held the first time in Vietnam

by Dieu Anh (VTV4)19 July 2015 Last updated at 21:37 PM

VTV.vn - The International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival was held for the first time in Vietnam at The Youth Theater on Friday (July 16th).

Fingerstyle guitar is the newest genre of solo guitar music in Vietnam. An entire band is replaced by only one performer. This festival attracted 6 famous guitarists from around the world.

This is Sunflower, performed by Chinese guitarist Paddy Sun. Sunflower has become a hit in Asia since 2009. Through the song, many youngsters have discovered this new guitar genre, fingerstyle, which is becoming popular around the world.

The International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival has been an annual event since 2010. This year, the festival is organized during July in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Paddy Sun, Fingerstyle Guitarist said: "In the festival this year, I have the chance to perform with famous guitarists from other countries. I feel very happy and learn a lot from them"

 In Vietnam, this is the first time an international fingerstyle guitar festival has been held.

Do Duong Tung, Vietnam Fingerstyle Guitar Organization said: "Vietnamese audiences can enjoy the colorful performances of the Fingerstyle genre. This festival is a chance for guitarists to exchange techniques and skills"

 The festival attracted 6 guitarists: Huang Chia-Wei from Taiwan (China), Paddy Sun from Mainland China, Andy Ngew from Malaysia, Masa Sumide from Japan, Agustin Amigo from Spain, and Jacques Stotzem from Belgium.

Dinh Thi My Linh, an audience said: All of the guitarists today are famous around the world. Each of them has their own style.

The concert has attracted hundreds of fans, especially the guitar lovers in Hanoi. After Vietnam, the International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival will head to Malaysia on July 19th.

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