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Craft village preserves mid-autumn traditional toys

09/20/2018 11:11

VTV.vn - The Mid-Autumn Festival is in just a few days, and children will be given new toys.

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Traditional craft villages take measures to increase production

09/11/2018 15:59

VTV.vn - By the end of 2017, Vietnam had over 5,000 traditional craft villages in operation.

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Dong Ky village preserves traditional craft of wood carving

03/13/2018 06:38

VTV.vn - Dong Ky is a traditional wood carving village that's located about 20 km from Hanoi.

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Craft village tourism to tap potential

02/28/2018 16:21

VTV.vn - Besides economic benefits, craft villages also offer social benefits as they help maintain the cultural identity of a locality.

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Traditional craft revived through modernisation

05/05/2017 16:29

VTV.vn - Craft villages can benefit from introducing machines to increase productivity, improve quality and better labour efficiency.

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Exploring the craft of making conical hats in Chuong village

12/26/2015 16:15

VTV.vn - Light and elegant, yet resistant to the scorching sun and heavy rain. Making the perfect conical hat requires both dexterity and hard work.

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Hanoi honours handicraft villages

10/27/2015 10:12

VTV.vn - A ceremony to honour 44 individual craftsmen, artists and businesses in traditional villages took place on Monday in Phu Xuyen District on the outskirts of Hanoi.

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Quang Tri develops craft villages

09/03/2015 12:00

VTV.vn - Quang Tri Province’s rural district of Hai Lang mainly sees local people earning a living from agriculture. However in recent years, handicrafts have recently been developed in the villages in the district.

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Support measures for traditional craft villages in the Mekong Delta region

08/03/2015 10:45

VTV.vn - There are hundreds of craft villages in the Mekong Delta region, but support measures for these villages face many challenges due to the lack of funding. More is needed to help preserve traditional craft villages.

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