How VTV4 viewers abroad watch the channel once the satellite broadcast is shut down?

by Hồng Quân20 March 2018 Last updated at 15:24 PM -Vietnam Television will shut down the satellite broadcast of VTV4 channel since March 31st. In its substitution, VTVGo, an app to watch VTV content online, has been made available.

Due to the limited coverage  of satellite broadcast and difficult access to satellite channels, Vietnam Television has developed VTVGo and  made it  its official transmission on the internet. VTV’s channels from 1 to 9 have been broadcast through VTVGo. Vietnamese living abroad, thus, could watch VTV4 through this application in replacement of satellite broadcast.

VTVGo has been written to be operable in all screens, from tablets to TV. Viewers could download VTVGo application from Google Play, Apple Store or Windows Phone Store. They could also log on to the website from their laptops or desktop to watch VTV contents.

Smart TV users could download the app from Google Play for those TVs using Android or from Samsung and LG stores. VTV Digital has also developed the app to be run on Apple TV or Fire TV of Amazon. Those having TVs incompatible to digital video broadcast could install VTVGo Box to view the digital contents.

VTVGo app is available in all digital stores for downloading free.

Besides VTV channels, VTVGo also broadcast other channels such as ANTV, QPTV and VNews. Not only broadcast live the contents, VTVGo also stores them for six months for viewers to replay them whenever they wish to see their favorite programs once and again through the  VOD service.

In addition, viewers could watch VTV contents on the website or VTVNews app.


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