With strong growth momentum and great attempt of more than 4000 employees, VTV is determined to build a dynamic VTV, to open with the region and the world and to have a firm position in the world.

1. Expanding the network, increasing the influence

According to the network expansion strategies, VTV plans to open more representative offices in highly-concerned areas like Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, etc.

VTV also builds domestic production centers in the North West, Central Highlands, the North East and the Central of Vietnam.

2. Restructuring the organization by specializing the teams and the contents

The center for sports programs and center for weather forecast and disaster warning was launched in 2013. After that, the center for economic information and some other centers will soon go into operation.

By 2020, VTV is expected to rise the number of free-to-air channels into 9 (24-hour broadcast). In detail, VTV7 will a training channel, VTV8 will be a cultural channel and VTV-World will be a national diplomatic channel in English, French, Russian, Chinese, Laos , South Korean and Germany, etc.

3. Adopting modern technologies in producing and broadcasting

The entire process from pre-production, post-production to broadcasting and storage is planned to be digitized by 2015. By 2020, the channels will be in HDTV standard.

In addition, VTV will also extend diplomatic broadcasting via DTH, cable and IPTV and cooperate to produce Vietnamese broadcast in foreign countries.

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