"The Happy Woman" season 2 will be broadcasted on Channel VTV3 on 8th March

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Show "The Happy Woman" season 2. Nguồn: vtv.vn

VTV.vn - After the success of the first season on VTV2, the TV show “The Happy Women” season 2 will return on VTV3 from 9th March 2019

Happy gifts are kept secret… 100 percent

The Happy Woman is a series of reality TV show to honor the good qualities of women.The guests of the show are those of great spiritual strengths to overcome their difficulties, or those whose special stories could exert impacts on the community. Whether they are workers, teachers, singers, actors, doctors, beauty queen,… all guests of the show are special women.

Do Van Thang, Program director said, The Happy Woman season 2 has two parts: in the first one, the audience will listen to the special conversation between MC Thai Tuan and the guest. In the second part, the guest will be given a pleasant surprise. Mr. Thang emphasized that the surprise gift in part 2 will probably be the most attractive factor which is expected to  leave a humanistic lesson on the audience. Part 2 is carefully arranged kept in secrecy to ensure the surprising factor.

With part 2, the production team wantsto spread out the message: Every woman deserves to be happy and their happiness would be spread out to people around them.

Season 2 promises more interesting stories

The show is a full convergence of attractive elements such as the warm presentation of host Thai Tuan, the exquisite interactions between the host and the guest… season 2 promises there will be more attractive stories.

The Happy Woman season 2 will be broadcasted at 23:00 every Saturday on channel VTV3, starting from 9th March 2019.

The guest bursts into tears when receiving the surprise gift.


The guest bursts into tears when receiving the surprise gift.


Peoples Artist Thanh Hoa is wearing her first wedding dress


People's Artist Thanh Hoa is wearing her first wedding dress


A wedding is organized for Peoples Artist Thanh Hoa


A wedding is organized for People's Artist Thanh Hoa


The first guest of The Happy Woman season 2 is  Trinh Thuy Lien – Music prodigy Jayden Trinh’s Mother. The boy can play 16 musical instruments, who is famous in New Zealand and in Top 4 of Vietnam Idol Kid. Jayden Trinh is intelligent, humble and good at music.

Jayden Trinh can achieve these successes thanks to his mother who learns musical instruments with him and be his friend. Viewers will be attracted to the emotional stories about the companionship and sacrifices that Lien dedicated to her son and the touching moments when Lien receives the unexpected gift of happiness from the production team.

Mrs. Lien Trinh will be the first guest on The Happy Woman season 2

Mrs. Lien Trinh will be the first guest on "The Happy Woman" season 2

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