Gameshow “No compromise”: Time is money

by QA02 August 2019 Last updated at 11:00 AM

Gameshow “No compromise”: Time is money - “No compromise” – is a famous knowledge gameshow in the world. It has been broadcasted in 19 nations and now is available in Vietnam.

No compromise”’s copyrighted format from Talpa Inc from the Netherland. Talpa owned the rights of a number of gameshows which are broadcased in Vietnam such as The Voice, The Voice Kids, 5 miracle circles, I am the winner,…

In the show, there will be three contestants regardless of their career, age,... Together they will mameone team to solve the questions from the program. Until the final round, the prize will be divided into unequal percentages of 60% - 30% and 10 %.

In “No compromise”, time is money, because every second goes by will account for 1% of the lost value of the prize. Besides knowledge, the persuasive ability is also very important as contestants will have to convince others to agree with their answers.

"No Compromise" is broadcasting at 18:00 every Sunday on VTV3 channel.