Don’t miss out the exciting shows on VTV7 – Back to school

by Quỳnh Anh17 September 2019 Last updated at 11:00 AM

VTV.vn - It’s time to go back to school and is the time for VTV’s familiar shows to be backed.

Along with young audiences, in this September, a series of the familiar game show will return on channel VTV7.

With the aim “Study less but better”, these shows will help you to consolidate your knowledge in class in the most natural and vivid ways. Check out these September comeback shows on VTV7.

Mathematical stream - Super funny junior high school math program is returning

First broadcast in 2018, Mathematical stream is VTV7’s first math program for junior high school students, with advice from math experts and support from Educational Broadcasting System EBS Korea.

With the form of a live stream combined with math clips summarizing knowledge and offering learning situations in vivid animation, after a broadcast season, the show is gradually becoming popular among the students. Through the guidance of hosts including Robot To Na, math problems finding computer and Anh Quan loves math, the show will solve problems that students often encounter in learning plans.

Besides knowledge from textbooks, Mathematical stream also provides knowledge about the applications of math such as the explanation of camera operations, how to measure angles without protractors, or the origin of the Eiffel Tower. These are a very interesting and practical applications which can be easily applied into daily life and prove that math is not “full of theory” as we thought.

In this 2019 season, Mathematical Stream will focus on 8th-grade math knowledge with content about polynomial, constant equations, inequalities, the system of equations in Algebra and Polygons section, shapes in section Geometry.

The program is broadcast at 10:45, 14:45 and 18:45 every Saturday.

Science Challenge season 2 continues to try the “unique” experiments

In 2018, the show Science Challenge was broadcast with a series of super “strange” but also fascinating scientific experiments. With exciting activities challenging students’ ability to apply in their homework, the program has “transformed” seemingly boring scientific knowledge into practical and dynamic experiences.

Following the exciting discoveries of the first season, in 2019, Science Challenge will return to the TV audiences with more difficult, unique and impressive experiments. Have you ever known how a vacuum cleaner works or how sand particles can provide “huge” power? The program this season will deal with many cases showing the practical the connection between theory and reality.

And not only related to chemical knowledge, but the experiments will also link to other subjects such as mathematics, Physics which will surely bring many interesting practical experiences t not only useful for junior high school students but also STEM students.

The show will be on screen at 14:45 and 18:45 every Sunday on VTV7.

Career Finding: A new show on VTV7 about career guidance for High school students.

Besides shows for junior high school students, in this back to school season, VTV7 also bring a brand-new show for them named Career Finding. The program is a career orientation for High school students helping them to clear their hesitation in choosing career and finding the one appropriate for themselves.

In each episode, the audience will meet one high school student who will share his story on finding career. With many industries attracting the interest of young people such as multimedia, hotel management, marketing management, MC,… the program wants to answer the questions of many young people.

You can watch this show at 11 am every Saturday on VTV7.

IELTS Face-off season 4 comebacks with interesting news

IELTS Face-off with 3 broadcast seasons has been inspiring the audience and become an indispensable program for English learning community across the country. And in this September, IELTS Face-off is ready to return on VTV7 with the 4th season bringing a whole new look. If you are hoping to improve your English or improve your soft skills in the future, IELTS Face-off is a television program you may not miss.

Don’t forget to watch the show every Saturday at 21:00 on VTV7, starting from 28/9/2019.

In addition to the new series of back to school programs on VTV7, other interesting shows are still broadcasting weekly on VTV7. You can watch VTV7’s program s again at VTV.vn.

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