Quang Tri prepares to fight drought

by VTV406 December 2015 Last updated at 07:17 AM

(Photo illustrated)
(Photo illustrated)

VTV.vn - El Nino has had a serious impact on agricultural production across the country. Facing huge threats from this weather system, Quang Binh has implemented several solutions to fight against drought during the coming harvest.

The sun is burning hot despite it being the middle of the rainy season. Kinh Môn water reservoir has a capacity of nearly 22 million cubic metres, but water levels currently stand at just 62 percent of capacity. As a result, the province is facing the threat of drought for the upcoming harvest.

"In order to exploit the water source in the most effective way, localities should cooperate with the irrigation management company to build an appropriate watering schedule. It is important to give localities equal access to the water", Nguyen Duy Thong - Director of Quang Tri Provincial Irrigation Works Management Company, said.

According to the weather forecast, drought, water shortages, and salinisation will continue to be severe this year. To address the situation, Quang Tri provincial authorities have implemented several solutions.

"We have helped localities make the most of cultivable land by closely managing water in the reservoirs. To prepare for the summer/autumn harvest, we also recommend growing short-term instead of long-term rice, and selecting high-yield plants to grow", Ho Xuan Hoe, Deputy Director, Dept. of Agriculture & Rural Development, Quang Tri Province, said.

In the coming winter/spring harvest, Quang Tri plans to grow over 26 thousand hectares of rice. However, nearly one third of the cultivation area is under threat of water shortages. Drought and water shortages in the central region are forecast to continue under El Nino, especially in Quang Tri, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces, while salinisation is expected to encroach further into the river mouths and coastal areas.


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